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Letter to Earthlink employees:


Dear EarthLink Employees:

A series of meetings has just begun throughout the company about important organizational changes taking place at EarthLink. Since we can not meet with all employees simultaneously, I want to give you a brief overview of the changes while you await your scheduled meeting.

One year ago, we made the first round of difficult decisions to outsource a portion of our call center operations. These efforts, while difficult from an employee perspective, have been successful in maintaining outstanding customer service and achieve profitability goals. It is now necessary that we take the equally difficult step of outsourcing another significant portion of our call center operations.

Specifically, we have made the decision to close our call centers in Harrisburg and Roseville. We will also discontinue call center activity in San Jose and Pasadena, though other business functions will remain in those locations. Finally, we will significantly reduce the workforce in Atlanta, including: tech support, customer service, sales, installation services, business access and saves teams. These changes will be implemented on a staggered scheduled through the first quarter of this year. Some organizational support functions in each location will also be impacted due to either facility closure, or decreased demand for local support.

I recognize that this is a difficult message for all of us. That is why it is very important that you attend your scheduled meeting so you can learn more of the details and have an opportunity to ask questions. You will receive an additional email shortly that will identify the meeting time and location that you should plan to attend.

These changes are difficult and impact many of our fellow employees. I am committed to frequent communications to keep you informed as we progress. You can expect to hear from me again at the conclusion of our meetings in each location.


In times when corporate profits are up, executive salaries are, up the cost of medical benefits are being increased to employees this is your solution. To lay off hard working men and women, to find cheaper workers outside the U.S. I could say that, if all CEOs jumped off a bridge would yours? But that would be too easy. I will say that when you unemploy Americans YOU create a drag on the U.S. economy, the very same economy that you hope to profit in. In other words when less people work, less people need your services. Get the picture?

I have been pleased with your service, up till now but after having several experiences with technical support by individuals who do not speak English as their first language, these changes are all very distressing. Please be aware that I will be complaining about anyone who's English is poor. I will also rate their/your service as poor if I cannot understand the person I am speaking to. You may choose to label as you will, but it comes down to good customer service. "Why do I have to work harder to understand someone, because you want to save a buck?"