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Stop Offshoring

This page is setup to inform people about the problems that offshoring of jobs is creating. Here are some links to various sites, please visit them. Information is power!

WHEN did it become acceptable for a leader, regardless of position, to stop listening to the people he served? And why do WE as a nation CONTINUE to vote for people who don't listen and don't care?

Write your elected officals:
UI Sites
DOL Unemployment
Information: Today's Thought
How Cheap Is Too Cheap
2004 Reasons to Boot Bush

Legislative Action:
Outsourcing Legislation in the States
State by State Listing
U.S. Government
HR2673-see section 647(e), beginning "An activity or function"
Washington State
New Jersey S1349 and A2425
Connecticut Bill No 644

Additional links:

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Quote of the day, "Many voices equal many choices, fewer voices equal fewer choices and one voice equals NO choice" A Nonnomous

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