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January 5th, 2004

So I got word from a friend about a complaint they sent off via email to SBC and they responded with a request to fill out a questionare. Here are some of their answers which I found interesting:

Rate the agent on being easy to understand using a scale of 1 to 10
where 1 is unacceptable, 5 is average, and 10 is outstanding.
(Please select one response.)

1 Unacceptable
5 Average
10 Outstanding
No comment


Why do you rate the agent a 1 Unacceptable on being easy to
understand? (Please select all that apply.)

The connection was not clear
The information provided was difficult to understand
The agent spoke too quickly
The agent spoke too softly
The agent's accent made him/her difficult to understand
There was a lot of information
There were unusual delays or gaps in the conversation
Some other reason (Please specify)
No comment


They rated him as unacceptable since his accent was too difficult to understand. Of course the rep might have been living in the U.S. but they hoped that SBC got the message that their call centers need to be in the country that they are servicing, i.e. here is the U.S.

In any case I would encourage everyone to do the same with what ever company they deal with. It might not change anything right away but at least these companies will know we are not going to sit back and do nothing.