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I need to be have the latest anti-virus files from symantec, rather than downloading them myself, I wrote the script below

  # by Michael Mayer-Oakes
  # 2/2/2009
  # get the latest files from norton, for antivirus


  AWK=`which awk`            || AWK="/usr/bin/awk"
  SED=`which sed`            || SED="/usr/bin/sed"
  LOGGER=`which logger`	   || LOGGER="/usr/bin/logger"
  ECHO=`which echo`	   || ECHO="/bin/echo"
  DATE=`which date`	   || DATE="/bin/date"

  $LOGGER -t $0[$$] Start Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus Update

  $ECHO " " >> $LOGNAME
  $ECHO "Start Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus Update" >> $LOGNAME

  # set to script working directory
  cd "/path/to/script"
  # get the latest listing 
  cat symantecinput | ftp -a > symantecoutput
  # get unique list of x86.exe filename, I use 32 bit Windows systems
  FILELIST="`grep 'x86.exe' symantecoutput | awk '// {print $9}'`"
  $ECHO "Got list of files from Symantec" >> $LOGNAME

  # build the FTP GET file
  $ECHO "open" > symantecget
  # you may need to change this section if you are not using US English
  $ECHO "cd public/english_international/antivirus_definitions/norton_antivirus/" >>symantecget
  $ECHO "lcd /path/to/where/to/save/AntiVirus/" >> symantecget
  $ECHO "bin" >> symantecget

     $ECHO "get "$FILE >> symantecget
     # log files to be retrieved
     $ECHO "ftp file "$FILE >> $LOGNAME

  $ECHO "quit" >> symantecget
  $ECHO "Created list of files from Symantec" >> $LOGNAME 

  # get the files, listed above
  cat symantecget | ftp -a > symantecgetoutput

  $ECHO "End Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus Update" >> $LOGNAME
  $LOGGER -t $0[$$] End Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus Update

  # end of script
This along with the symantecinput file:
  cd public/english_international/antivirus_definitions/norton_antivirus/
  ls -l  
And last but not least cron:
  0 2 * * * /path/to/script/
And now you have an updated repository of symantec's anti-virus files.